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Mar 16, 2019
Mar 2, 2012
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the spore depot


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Mar 16, 2019
    1. Pistilwhipped
      I've got to compliment you on your spore syringes . I ordered a batch back in septmber and they got lost in the shuffle and ended up on in a pile (in shipping box) until Feb 28. It took three days and I see love in every dish I observed. Nice project. Clean syringes. Thanks.
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    2. SillyBear
      Hey was told your the one to go to for spores and was wondering if you could suggest a couple strains you have in stock that would work good in BRF to Coir thank you very much will be purchasing as soon as you suggest them. O I am a newbie only have one tub that is almost done but have a flow hood and am very quick learner
    3. KR3CHeR
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    4. bootster
      Glad to have you aboard.
    5. rabbit88
      Hey depot I love ure site and uve always done the best business I was just wondering if your going to expand ure spore selection I have all but a couple from ure website I dont want to buy from someelse but I might have to to get penis envy and some more of the exotics im lookin for
      1. the spore depot
        the spore depot
        Yeah I'm planning on adding 3-4 more cubes and getting my pan cyan stock and Alt 7 stocks back up here in a couple weeks... prob be adding a few more exotics as well
        Jan 6, 2014
      2. rabbit88
        awesome now im excited i figured you were now its just a waiting game. Any sneek peeks or you keeping em top secret?
        Jan 6, 2014
    6. greyh0und
      hey TSD, was wondering what the special is for myco-tek members when we order a "mind blowing deal" Ive been waiting over a month now to make an order due to all the harassment I recieved..................for good and for ill...........please send me a private message....
    7. bluethumb
      I must say that in all my years, I've never been taken care of so well. Everything was labeled clearly and showed up in a flash. A solid myco-tek supporter in my book.
    8. Professor PinHead
      Professor PinHead
      Thanx SD! Your avy ain't half bad either!
      Has a subtropic eeriness to it. Very nice!
    9. the spore depot
    10. greyh0und
      Can you please post a link to your website here on your visitor page.
    11. the spore depot
      the spore depot
      Yes that would be us...
    12. greyh0und
      Are you the same guys that operate the site "the spore depot" out of IN ???
    13. Weller
      Welcome to Myco-Tek :crazydance:
    14. the spore depot
      the spore depot
      Thanks guys we will try our hardest to uphold the integrity of mycology and of this great site. We are really happy to be on board trying to bring mycology products for really good prices to everyone interested. Thanks for Having us...
    15. Professor PinHead
      Professor PinHead
      Welcome to myco-tek SporeDepot!

      It's great to have ya' on board! :firework:
    16. HorizonSpawn
      Glad to have you here :hatsoff2:
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