The Cartographer

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    The lower world
    The Cartographer

    As a boy I was enamored with Mother Nature and her intricate designs, my hands longed to trace her extraordinary contour lines.

    It would require time and dedication to survey her topography and collect the datum on each slope and depth curve in order to achieve the level of accuracy she would ultimately deserve.

    There were lonely hours when remote sensing was my only relief, the continuous tone and color separation were a mosaic beyond belief.

    If I could complete my fantasy overlay, for a time my obsession would subside, yet once I had gone over edge moments later I would feel the rising tide.

    My mind eager and the expedition well planned, even on a moonless night I would be determined to map the lay of the land.

    I would skirt each finger and draw, plotting my course through the dark in search of the elusive high water mark.

    A thirsty explorer drinks deeply from Gaia’s sacred well while hungry eyes gaze upland where inviting peaks doth dwell.

    An experienced surveyor knows the land may tremble and abruptly give way he must continue plotting his course through the turbulence unhindered by the fray.

    After a few aftershocks and the gentle tremors are at bay, eagerly I would regain my composure and soon be on my way.

    Following the neat line leading to each peak and crest at last this explorer can enjoy the summit where weary travelers lay to rest.
    - Gremlin
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    Beautiful writing--thank you for sharing your experience and talent.