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    The following ID request suggestions are intended as a guideline for describing fungus to aid in the process of identification. Please include as much of the following information as possible. Be sure to include photos that show all the angles and features of your fungus.

    Sample ID Request

    1. Cap (pileus) - Cap shape and diameter, color, surface characteristics (dry, viscid, fibrous, bald, hygrophanus, scales, patches, etc.), and characteristics of the margin (striate, incurved, different color, lobed, etc.)

    2. Fertile surface (hymenium) - Does it have gills, pores, teeth, or another type of fertile surface? What color are they? How is the hymenium attached to the stem - free, attached, notched, or decurrent? If it has gills, are they narrow or broad, close together or widely spaced? If it has pores, what shape are they and how many per mm are there?

    3. Stem (stipe) - Does it have one and is it central or lateral? Length and diameter, color, shape, absence/presence of ring or annular zone, absence/presence of bulb at base, and surface characteristics (dry, fibrous, scales, reticulation, pruinose, viscid, etc.)

    4. Spores - Spore print color, measurements, shape, and ornamentation.

    5. Habit - Solitary, scattered, clustered, branched, etc.

    6. Habitat - Geographic location and trees in proximity. Growing from the ground, live trees, dead wood, leaves, cones, hay, dung, moss, wood chips, in snow melt, etc.
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