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    :myco-tek: Please be respectful to other users, we will not tolerate flaming... and appropriate actions will be taken against the user involved.

    :myco-tek: This forum is for the discussion of techniques and procedures.

    :myco-tek: No thread hijacking! - We request that people please be respectful of others threads, and do not change the subject of it. If someone is discussing something that does not interest you, yet provokes a different idea, rather than changing the subject of their thread, start your own! You may discuss the original poster's topic and post if it is along those lines.

    :myco-tek: You must abide by all MYCO-TEK general forum policies.

    :myco-tek: And last but not least, enjoy your time here at MYCO-TEK, we're here to learn, and to move ahead in the field of mycology.

    Thank you for you're continued support; you are what makes this place wonderful! :murray:

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Thread Status:
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