Techniques for isolating monokaryotic mycelium

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    In my journey to create crosses i have considered making mass multispore innoculation and cloning the outliers.

    However there is something exciting about having a monokaryotic culture to return to.

    The method i am familiar with involves diluting viable spores and sectoring out very early in germination. I have a micriscope to cheak for clamp connections.

    Does anyone have any experience or advice with this procedure?
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    In regards to crosses, I have no first hand experience .some more experienced members may chime in.
    I remember reading on it ,when Workman created APE, it's been awhile.
    - serial dilution
    - streaking agar and finding the last smallest colonies to avoid spore clumping
    -Finding no clamps as starting point
    You are headed in the right direction for sure.
    I know that The Chosen One has experience
    He is a active member ,but hasn't posted since 2015
    I can't help with the process ,but will support you:scope:
    Now as far as isolation ,I have done one from spore ,transfers from sectors till no more sectoring.
    I feel I just lucky that was Texas and did great. All my other iso monocultures came from a ms grow ,cloned fruit bodies ,then further agar work till a strain was isolated.
    But it is my understanding that a culture from clone is not a true isolate .but for cultivation purposes is all I needed. I am by far a geneticist or lab guru
    I am always here to learn
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    So are you saying a culture from clone, as in, a culture from a fruitbody, is not a true form of strain so? I did not know this
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    Nov 11, 2019
    A clone tissue sample contains what we call "a mosaic isolate" it contains 100s of strains in it. Ever notice how many sectors come from a single tissue sample? It's not a pure isolate. Not even close.

    A clone tissue sample will die out or senescence rather quickly. In other words cloning is a one way ticket to dead end. It can produce a next grow, but not the answer to creating a pure culture.