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    So, I am the type of person who has to dive into things head first. If I don't go at it 100%, then I'm not interested. It's how I am as a father, as a husband, as a mycophile, and as a gym rat. Being that I have two very young children, I have limited time for my passions and hobbies. I used to do a lot of rock climbing, but when my first son was born, continuing that would have caused too much marital and financial stress. So I started dragging my wife and son on multiple hikes a week. Once winter came, I couldn't do that, so I finally got that gym membership I had always said I would never get. Turns out I love the gym, and I go three times a week. This wasn't enough to satisfy my needs though. I also needed something more mentally challenging, something science related. At random I came across a hiking buddy while on the Appalachian Trail not far from my house, and we found some oyster mushrooms (which he taught me how to identify). We took them home, and they were delicious! A couple weeks later I just so happened to see "Back To Roots" Blue Oyster Grow kits at Home Depot. I bought one, and found that hobby I was craving. Instantly I became obsessed. So, the point of this story is, aside from being a father and a husband, it's Nature, fitness, and mushrooms that keep me occupied, happy, and sane.
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