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    Sep 29, 2017
    Hello all I am an annoying noob lol.... Anyways I am hoping to learn. I live in WV on a farm with forrests, Anyways I decided to do a nature hike and come across some mushrooms I would like help figuring out what they all are. The first photo was on a decaying tree there really wasnt a smell to them and the tree was in the middle of the woods on the ground, I didnt get a spore print tthe second picture and 3rd picture were found in cow dung they had a black spore print however it seems when i try to bruise mushrooms they never turn blue not sure why... The last picture was in cow dung as well but they dont look like the first ones... This seems so confusing Im sorry

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    Not very many mushrooms bruise blue. And keep in mind that just because a mushroom does bruise blue, does not make it edible or psychoactive. Always make 1000% sure of what you have before even considering eating it.

    The ones you found on the dung look like Coprinopsis species to me.

    Im not sure about the ones on the log. Any other details you might be able to give us?
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    Apr 30, 2012
    You have a Mycena and a Coprinopsis.