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    Jan 27, 2016
    Canada (Island life)
    Just a few update pictures since my move from the northern Canada to Vancouver Island.

    Media; Coco coir/perlite at 50/50.
    Nutes; General Hydroponics "nova" type
    Light; LED 220 solar flare (one per plant avg) cycle is 18/4 grow, 12/12 flower. distance is 2-4 ft for growth from light to tops, then less then 2 ft due to large plant spread.
    Light for edges and corners; T5 Sunblaster 4 ft
    Fans and exhaust fan with charcoal scrubber
    Intake hole cut in door with poly fill type filter for air in. 2 x 1.5ft
    From seed to vape.
    Total time; 2017 Dec 6 till 2018 July 5 = very long time.
    Yield=undetermined, (I kinda just smoked a cured jar at a time before it was measured.)
    test was to see first, strain quality, growth rate, finished product and effect for personal medication use.

    above, 500ml solo cups, coir/perlite, 5 holes in bottom of each and hand watering plan to have cheapest attempt first, then modify to improve later. (new environment so totally different results as the north) super low nutes used and ph balanced.
    Il document the flower time hours switch soon but for the updates of my test runs I just was lazy sory. estimate is around 3 weeks after the switch above.
    DSCF2907.JPG getting fat! plus super long hairs that are fat and so white!
    DSCF2969.JPG turning red
    getting fatter and then cut at 75 % ish red to white hairs. lots of not so good crappy pop corn but the tops are above.
    the buds were cured then I took a picture just now for a final look.

    I finally had time to update you all with a few pictures.

    Any thoughts on the first run? please feed back and question me.

    Hope you enjoyed!!
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