Prof Pinhead Monotub Construction

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    Hey Guys,

    So I have been able to piece together different pieces of info on the prof's process's including that he uses a 64-66 quart tub and drills 2.5 inch holes. He has a really good video online that shows how he mixes the spawn and substrate in the tub but from looking at videos and various photos, I have seen the liner cover the holes, come right up to the middle of his holes and not cover them at all. I am trying to get the right humidity and FAE so does anyone have any idea on exactly where he drills the holes?
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    I don’t know where he drills his but mine are drilled so the bottom of the hole is slightly above your substrate level. If your using one brick coir with two quarts verm for cubes to roughly a gallon of water in a 64-66 quart monotub then stick with 4 inches from the bottom to meet the bottom of the holes you drilled. Polyfil inside the holes will allow for GE and also hold in the humidity.FAE I do daily in front of a flowhood. You should be able to make the first flush without opening the tub.
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    I followed PP pretty exclusive for many reason
    Tweaked to my likings , like so...
    I roll the liner down or trim it back to sub level
    With super tight poly in for colonization
    Saran Wrap the lid gap for a seal....
    I always went down over the poly / holes with Saran Wrap to about 3/4 of the way or so .... as to not get a seal at the poly
    This leaves a GE , but restricts any air flow thAt might be FAE if the poly isn’t tight enough
    Good spawn
    Good sub
    10 -14 days every tub is ready for fruiting
    At this point I always open it
    Wipe the excess water off the under side of the lid
    Light mist heavy fanning
    Loosen the polyfil
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