Do white button mushrooms grow to adult full blown stage?

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    Aug 4, 2019
    You may well say I can get this information anywhere on the web but I am confused about some issues which I would like clarification on from experts in mycology

    what I know as of now is that white button mushroom cremini and portobellos are all biologically agaricus biosporus. I understand the connect of creminis and portobellas but am unclear about the connect between white button mushrooms and creminis like are they different strains?

    1. Do white button mushrooms grow beyond the button stage to an adult version and are these actually marketed

    2. If it is true that the small button white mushrooms grown into an intermediate growth stage sold as cremini and continues to grow to an adult stage sold as Portobello, then how or why does the colour turn from white to brown?

    3. Wild growing agaricus biosporus start life as brown buttons - Do they mature similar to the cultivated version when they grow up?

    May I ask experts here to give me the facts about white button, cremini and portobellos

    Thank you folks for any help regarding this
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