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Feb 22, 2019
Jul 15, 2011
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♥ Hooked on Mycelium ♥, from Jefferson State, Hardiness Zone 7B

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Feb 22, 2019
    1. GrandHavenDude
      I forgot what my user name was back then. I wrote your username on the print. I think I told you if I ever got it to fruit I would send you some prints in return.
      I was hoping to full fill my promise. Anyway if you would like a couple of these prints let me know and I'll get them shipped out. Psilocybe Cubensis var. Tampa... lol
    2. GrandHavenDude
      Hey man, you sent me a very light print few years back. Said it was P. Tampanensis. I recently got around to growing it out and turns out it is just a Psilocybe Cubensis. It's a very prolific fruiter and has some beautiful fruit. Wish I knew what strain it was.
    3. Papa G
      Papa G
      Im going to write your questions down and think then answer.....where should I tell you the answers?
      1. rogue
        You can either post replies in your thread or if you prefer you can PM me.
        May 27, 2015
    4. Professor PinHead
      Professor PinHead
      your avy is back! :clap1:
    5. tazzman
      You just don't look yourself these days, my friend.
    6. Professor PinHead
      Professor PinHead
      To our back pain bro! :) Don't let it get you down!

    7. Hacendado
      Congrats to your new title!
    8. psycheholic
      I also look forward to learning new ideas and techniques.
    9. psycheholic
      Thank you for the welcome message. It is very appreciated, I normally on Topia, but have heard lots of good things about this site. I really dig the vibe here, I am honored to be a member and will try to contribute what little I know to this community:hmmm:
    10. rogue
    11. ifyoucouldsee
      Thank you so much.
      Looking too good on agar already.
    12. Larynx
      Hey Rogue, got the Plugs today. They look fine. Thanks again!
    13. Michelle M
      Michelle M
      Hi Rogue. It's good to "see" you! :) Your dog was just epic. I can't wait to do that again. Same time, same place!! I'm still eating dried boletes. Can't get enough!
    14. rogue
      I'm almost back full time. I just had to get away for awhile and take advantage of the summer fun.
    15. nomendubium
      where you been man? I haven't seen anything out of you in over 2 weeks :( You're the only moderator that likes me! any updates for me?
    16. Greencavefloat
      thanks man. This looks like a cool and groovy forum
    17. rogue
      @KBG1977, lol, I figured that out as soon as you responded :facepalm:
      Then I saw others doing the same :hehehe: I guess I'm not the only dyslexic around here.
    18. kbg1977
      I took me this long to get what you meant by the Russian welcome:)My initials are KBG,and every body thinks it's KGB the Russian mafia,hehe!
    19. kbg1977
      A Russian welcome,that's a first:)
    20. rogue
      Nobody likes me I guess :violin:

      It's fitting anyway, I'm kind of a recluse.
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