Tar very much.

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    Oct 31, 2011
    Where I live at the right time, we have lots and lots of these ...
    20200609_193803.jpg in the streets, in the parks, under lamposts, cemetery's.... well you get it.
    20200606_141438.jpg so I figured I'd clean up the streets, and possibly take some of the strain off the NHS.
    20200606_141413.jpg so I thought I'd give em a bath ... a fairly warm one ... until they were all burst n soft , (some encouragement with the spud masher).
    Dumped em into a cheese cloth and squeezed the bejesus out of em.

    I kept the bath water on a low roll to evaporate the water and scraped the ring that formed at the water line back into the solution.

    In the end I was left with a kinda "feel good Marmite" or (Nag Relief Tar)...

    *disclaimer this product will not stop a nagging partner, but will provide relief from the headache associated with said nagging.*

    20200603_225838.jpg 20200603_225854.jpg I did get a little carried away ...... and after a few hundred more heads filled my jars 20200630_165952.jpg .
    Tea anyone ??
    Tar very much.
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