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    Welcome to the Hunting and Identification Forum. Please adhere to all site guidelines while participating on this forum.

    Hunting and Identification Forum Rules:

    1. Please use the sample ID request form or include a complete description when posting an ID request. ID Request Information While it's understandable that members may not always be able to provide all the details of an ID request form, making a habit of ignoring this procedure will result in unanswered ID requests. Our Expert Identifiers are encouraged to remind members to use the ID request form when a thread is started without one.

    2. Never identify a wild mushroom to be active or edible if you are not 100% confident of the ID. Always clarify that you are unsure, never risk the health and safety of other members. In the same fashion, never eat a wild mushroom when you are not 100% confident of the ID. Myko-tek assumes no responsibility for the results of consuming wild mushrooms. Please flag posts and notify moderators of any unsafe interaction on this forum.

    3. Always treat other members with respect and courtesy. While debate is acceptable, disrespectful and argumentative or antagonistic posts will be not be tolerated. Please notify a moderator of any issues on this board and do not directly interfere. The staff will use their discretion to correct these issues and we appreciate having the sole responsibility of moderating members.

    4. Do not discuss or disclose exact locations. It's necessary to include information about general locations but do not include things like business names, addresses, or directions. Posts that include this information will be edited by staff. Please don't contact members through private message to disclose the locations of their finds. If anyone contacts you looking for this information, contact a moderator.

    5. Do not request hunting partners on this board. Posts that violate this rule will be moderated. Please use private messaging if you want to talk with other members about getting together.

    6. Please don't litter the board with posts discussing the weather, inquiring about what mushrooms grow in your area, or asking about when "the season" starts. While knowing this information is completely relevant to hunting and identification, it's information easily obtained by doing some research for yourself.

    Myco-Tek's Expert Identifiers are as follows:

    Alan Rockefeller
    John Plischke
    t t

    The moderators for the Hunting and Identification Forum are
    Alan Rockefeller
    John Plischke
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