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    Nov 25, 2020
    Been chucking a bit of pollen the last few months with a few small plants in the cubby and my White Widow male who is now deceased (RIP) as I'm fed up of keeping the bugger going and need to shut the grow down.

    Pregnant ladies...

    DSCF1066.JPG DSCF1063.JPG DSCF1035.JPG

    Have also test run a strain I have taken to f4 now, 7 weeks from flip and she's cooked. :awetongue: She also had an early dusting off the Widow male, I managed to pull 130ish beans off the stems and base of the buds.

    DSCF1278.JPG DSCF1279.JPG


    Now I'm dusting off the PC and grabbing supplies to get back on the agar.

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