Substrate surface turns blue after a week of fruiting

Discussion in 'CONTAMINATION' started by Bobby Spoto, Apr 19, 2018.

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    Oct 9, 2017
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    This is the third time that I've ever ran into this problem and it seems the only thing I can think of is that maybe I sprayed Lysol too much in the air in the room and it somehow got into the air inside of this monotub fruiting chamber here are some pics of what it looks like now. It's still fruiting about done with the first flush and the mushrooms seem okay but the discoloration has happened 3 times now, once when I sprayed my Martha down with bleach and I guess I didn't let it dry out completely, second time I used some perlite that had already been used and I cleaned it with bleach water and I'm assuming the same thing happened after a few days of being in a fruiting chamber with the recently bleached perlite and now this all the sudden turns the same color..the mushrooms are fines so far but has anybody ever seen this? Ill show a pic of it a cpl days ago then the one I took tonight a cpl hours ago. The first picture is before pulled the fruits that were ready and then I misted and I do my Fanning with the little electronic fan and I hold it there for a minute or two and then I give it a spray like always and when I came back tonight about 6 hours later it look like can't really see the blue myc very good in the pics but in person it looks bad..these are F+ btw.. Message_1524013175382.jpg 20180419_005210.jpg 20180418_223243.jpg