Substrate stalls and primordial all turns white

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    Oct 9, 2017
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    First flush was good on the two Argentina grows and I am still pretty much picking off the first flush of my Costa Rican which is way way way overdue. Things were looking really good in the beginning you could see the second and third flush on the surface it was a healthiest first flush I've ever seen and then everything just turned bad 20180502_153459.jpg 20180502_153537.jpg 20180502_154752.jpg 20180502_153555.jpg this is the Costa Rica that was made 4-7..fruited on 4-22 and that is the end of 1st flush..I've already had 2 flushes from Arg#1 made 4-7, which is the 1st pic..pulled 1st flush off 2nd pic which is Arg#2 made on 4-9, everything stalled abiut the same time..could be the Martha wasnt dialed in precisely..might go back to a simpler FC..below is the 1st flush on Arg#2. 20180430_112048.jpg 20180424_112225.jpg above is 1st flush Argentina#1 20180430_112023.jpg
    Above is 2nd flush Argentina#1