Newbie Here with Possible "Wet Bubble"/Mycogone

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    Hey everyone,
    First time posting and long time lurker. I was wondering if anyone had ever seen this.

    This started out as a PC Cambodian print to agar to popcorn to 50/50 Verm/HorsePoo tub. Within 3 days of colonization of substrate, tons of hypae appeared on top, little fingers reaching for the sky. I thought everything was gravy and then I noticed some what looked like knotting.

    Now I posted a pic on reddit, trying to get different eyes on the tub but havent got any solid answers. I have cranked up the air flow and cut back the humidity in hopes it will clear up and let the fruits thru. Half the people I talk to about it are intrigued and a small percent of people think its mycogone.

    Note, I do see a drip of metabolites on top of one of the proofs. Theres no funky smell, the proofs look like individual strands of hypae clumped together a bit and everything else besides the cauliflower salad in my tub looks great. Running 95 percent humidity in a martha tent, fan running on low the entire time cause (to cut down on the amount of aerial mycelium clinging and growing off of the tops of my other fruit. 12/12 cycle
    Also another question, if this is all healthy mycelium on top - would I be able to use this for tea or make some sort of mycelium water to help with "healing" contaminated areas or speed up colonization of jars?

    Thanks everyone. 20181213_063230.jpg 20181212_091556.jpg
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    Id call that mycogone or white mold.