This is how to create a new thread adding pics, links and videos

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    So then i'm gonna keep this short and sweet, the basics to starting your own great threads to share.

    First things first, where do you post threads?

    click to enlarge the image, i use sunset orange colourscheme, always have and always will :D good thing is that will help your eyes easily differentiate between my pictures of mycotek and you surfing Mycotek reading this :D

    scroll down and click on the category where your new thread fits and a new page opens


    So you've found the category subject where your thread fits nicely and you are ready to go,


    Click on the Post New Thread button and it opens the posting text box that you see below, i took this snap shot as i was writing this thread, don't get confused this is not a thread inside a thread inside a dream inside a Chinese Takeaway restaurant :D

    Consume green info in this image


    Lets start with the symbols in the little bar between the text box and the title box and what they do, you will come back to this image at first until you get in the flow


    The ones folks struggle with most at first are adding pictures from online or from on there devices and videos from platforms like Youtube, lets start with pictures

    From the media group of icons (purple in the picture) click on the one exactly to the right of the emoji face, this opens a menu box, this is for adding pictures that are already online, you must paste the location of the image (also known as the image url or link) into this box and then click Insert

    insert image.jpg

    The other way is to download the image or have the image already on your device and load it to the forum via the Upload a File button below between the Create Thread and Preview buttons

    So you click on Upload a File and this pops up

    click image to make big

    insert images 01.jpg

    Then follow this advice

    insert images 02.jpg

    Are you still reading and not yet making a new thread? :D You want more? You must want to post Youtube videos and such.

    So then you've got a thread half written and pictures all loaded and in postion in the text waiting to go, at anytime you can click the Preview button below and see how it looks, still continue to edit and add too it without anyone else seeing it so far, the only thing missing is that great video you made or want to share that adds to your thread, so then you know how to add images/pictures from online as described above, well you want the next icon over on the bar, 2 to the right of the emoji in the purple media icons, when you click it this pops up

    insert video.jpg

    Just paste the link to the video into this box and click Embed, it will then insert the video box diectly into your text wherever you last left the cursor before clicking on the Post Video icon.

    Like this embedding of a recent kayak surfing video i made :D

    So then now you are ready to go, one last preview to give it a once over and if you are happy click Create New Thread, don't fret if you see an error or something you need to add or change after it is posted, you can always edit it, happy posting


    any questions just drop them below i'm sure me or someone else will try and help
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