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    Items needed:
    2. Vermiculite
    3. Aluminum trays with lids
    4. Plastic wrap to line tray
    5. Colonized spawn

    * Cultivating cubensis mushrooms in bulk trays is a convenient way to grow a ton of shrooms. First, take colonized grain and lay a thin layer of sterilized coir-verm at the bottom of the tray/trays. Dump your spawn (about 2quarts per tray) and then add more substrate and mix it up well with the spawn. Next add a thin top layer of sub and cover your tray with the lid or plastic wrap. Oh, don't forget to line ur trays with plastic wrap first, mycelium eats through aluminum!
    Incubate your covered trays for 10-14days. When the surface is all white with mycelium it's time to case with sterilized vermiculite, 1/4th inch layer or so. Then put ur tray in a FC like a monotub or a SGFC ( my preference, more FAE)
    In 7-10 days u should have pins and another week full grown cubes! Harvest and dunk ur sub tray for 6hrs and put back in the FC for a 2nd flush. U can get 3 flushes easy, a 4th usually isn't worth the hassle. Good luck!
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