First time using bags

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    Jan 14, 2019
    So this is my first attempt at bags. Did two with soaked and simmered organic rye berries. Two bags no prep wbs just dry grain and water into the bags. I used .5 filter patch bags. Didn't realize how long it takes the cooker to heat up vs using 7 jars. Anyways after it was up to temp for 30 mins me and the lady went to the bar for a drink. When I got home the weight had been nocked off... So idk what happened with that. I think they expanded too much in the cooker. I put all 4 in a pillow case and ziptied that shut. Ziptied the bags prior to cooking and that seemed to work out pretty good. The bags were almost like melted shit after cooking. So we'll see if I have better success this way. IMG_20190922_180655752.jpg IMG_20190922_180702753.jpg IMG_20190922_212757332.jpg IMG_20190922_212804258.jpg