Dialing in monotubs with air purifier in room

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    Aug 9, 2018
    So I recently got a Winix 550-2 Air purifier that I run 24/7 in my room on the second speed (theres four speeds) and have the ceiling fan on the lowest setting and across the room from the air purifier, I have 6 monotubs, 4 currently fruiting while 2 are colonizing.. I was wondering if the air purifier could cause problems and mess with the humidity in the tubs? Does anyone else run an air purifier in the room?

    The 2 tubs that are colonizing are stacked and the top tub barely has much condensation.. Could this be from the air purifier or just the temperature of the room and not the humidity inside?

    I will fruit in 2-3 days and probably mist the sides on the top tub.. any tips?

    Trying to dial in these tubs with this air purifier I added to the room.. I used to have the ceiling fan on medium but now its on low with the air purifier on the other side of the room, thanks

    Heres the link to the air purifier

    The two pics are with the light off and on, same time
    IMG_4830.JPG IMG_4829.JPG IMG_4832.JPG

    ignore the weight on the top of the tub lol