General Questions for Martha set up

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  1. Julio Camperio Ciani

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    May 14, 2020
    Hi All,

    I am in the process of starting my Martha set up and I have a couple of questions.

    The martha is a 3tier set up.

    I plan on having a side tote with a sonic humidifier for RH and a fan to push the mist into the martha, and also providing FAE. Is one fan, which turns on when the humidifier turns on, enough for FAE? or should I consider having a second fan that provides FAE every 1 hr for 15m, and one fan that turns on with humidifier for RH? Both fans work independent from each other.

    What size tote would you recommend to provide RH?

    For sonic humidifier, I am thinking one from The House of Hydro, would a 1 disc be sufficient or should I go with the 3 disc to be safe?

    Should I look into a fan that blows air OUT of the martha when the other FAE fan turns on?

    I assume the best idea would be to have the RH (and maybe FAE) inlet be at the top of the martha, and if i go with the outflow fan that should be at the bottom?

    Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
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    One fan should be fine unless you are getting too much humidity. Then two might be in order per your plan. You could try just running the fan all the time and the humidifier on a timer that would be my preferred setup.